Walk - discover - experience

Walk - discover - experience

South Tyrol - and particularly the area around Merano - is well-known and popular for its various sightseeing and hiking possibilities.
You can choose for example: go with the cableway on the Vigiljoch in our direct neighborhood (mountain near the Kröllnerhof), or take the bus to the Ultental Valley, without using your car. If you take your car, there are almost inexhaustible hiking tours up to the wonderful dolomites to discover.
If you want to discover the sunny side of the South Tyrolean Alps by foot, then a hiking trip to San Vigilio is an absolute must. The cable car journey alone up to the car-free-zone of Hausberg offers some spectacular views. From the top station at 1486 metres the hiking routes radiate outwards along a gentle ascent through fragrant larch woods.

San Vigilio

The first leisure promenade in Lana was developed into an extended trail in 1888/89 by the then Teiss landlord, Alois Stauder. From the center of the village of Lana in just a few minutes you will find yourself suddenly surrounded by the "wild" nature of the enchanting Gaulschlucht gorge; splashing water, peace & quiet, steep rock faces and rope bridges.

Starting from the Teiss bridge in the center of Lana we walk along the Gaulpromenade towards Braunsberg Castle (Ultental Valley). The first part of the Promenade runs flat, on tarmac, past well-tended gardens and resting places as far as the large fairground (in winter an ice rink). The path then continues through a small tunnel though the rock into the wildly romantic Gaulschlucht; the forest track is not asphalted, however it is broad and flat. We next walk over a wooden bridge past the waterfall and in a few minutes reach the rope bridge that leads to the sluice on the stream. The route ends in front of a narrow opening in the rocks, which has been closed for safety reasons.

Gaulschlucht - Passeggiata Gola

Directed to the mountain church of S. Vigilius, the faith trail consists of six stations where we can meditate on the values and issues of life. The faith trail is the bearer of a universal message and is an invitation to discover and strenghten our faith. We travel the paths of our lives searching and believing. May this trail sustain us in this journey of discovery and of belief. P. Peter Unterhofer.

From the Gasthaus Sessellift take the path no. 4 towards the Vigiljoch church. Here you cross the ski slope and walk down below the church and continue along path no. 9 towards Bischofskofel. This will take you to Route no. 9 and the Gasthaus Seespitz. From there continue on path no. 7 around the lake and again on route no. 8 to the starting point, the guest house chairlift back. The route is also marked with the sign "Glaubenweg".

Duration 1,50h

Faith trail "Glaubensweg" on the Vigiljoch

Culture and nature trail with information boards about the local history, flora, fauna, geology and fruit and grape growing. A historic trail that joins the mountain and the valley.

The Aichbergweg trail runs along historic tracks and access routes a little above Lana. Information about the history of this ancient cultural landscape, as well as fruit and grape growing is provided on boards along the route.

From Lana the well-signposted route leads below the Vigiljoch Cable Car firstly along Villener Weg, then Raffeinweg up the mountain to Aichbergweg, where it leads in a southerly direction. Continuing to climb, Aichbergweg leads for almost 2 km high above Ultnerstrasse road through the forest and vineyards. Then turning left downhill, cross over Ultnerstrasse and on a track down to Braunsbergweg. Aichnerbergweg now leads past Braunsberg Castle back to Lana.

Duration ca. 2h

Lana Aichbergweg

Starting point of this hike is the mountain station of the chairlift Vigiljoch at 1.800 m. From here, you walk slightly downhill to Gasthaus Jocher and continue to the farmed Bärenbad Alm. Continue on path no. 2, which leads into path no. 9.

At a fork in the direction of Naturnser Alm, walk on path no. 9 A slowly ascending to Naturnser Alm (1,910 m). The way back is via the ascent path. Variant 2: The return path is via path no. 30 and no. 9 to Gasthof Jocher, further down on path no. 34 to the mountain station of the cableway Vigiljoch.

Duration: 3,22h

Vigiljoch - Bärenbad Alm - Naturnser Alm

This little circular walk leads us from Vilpiano in the Val d’Adige valley to the farms at the slope of the Monzoccolo mountain (Tschöggelberg). In autumn the best time for this walking tour is the early afternoon, when the sun shines warm.

n the north of the village of Vilpiano the valley station of the cable car up to Meltina (bus stop and parking space) is located, where our autumnal walking tour starts. We walk through the village, past the church, cross the bridge over the Meltina Creek and take the path no. 18 towards Planatsch, which branches off on the left-hand side from the main road. Immediately a steep ascent starts. Over a short distance we have to manage 200 m in altitude, through the open autumnal forest we climb up to Planatsch, a sunny hamlet at 500 m asl., characterized by fruit- and wine-growing.

We continue our walk to the Scholhöfe farms along an asphalt road. It proceeds over a chain bridge across the gorge of the Meltina Creek, below we can see the waterfall of Vilpiano. At the Scholhöfe farms we take the path no. 1 and walk downhill towards the valley station of the cable car. A bit of caution should be exercised at the steeper sections because the fallen leaves make the trail slippery. For this nice autumnal walk you should plan about two hours.

Author: AT

If you want to do this walking tour, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Vilpiano (valley station of the cable car)
Route: Vilpiano – Planatsch – Scholhöfe farms – Vilpiano
Distance: approx. 5 km (in total)
Walking time: approx. 2 hours (in total)
Altitude difference: 290 m
Altitude level: between 250 and 560 m asl.

Foto: AT, © Peer

Circular Walk to Planatsch

From the Brandis Waalweg in Oberlana take trail no. 1 a (above the Church of St. Margarethen) or from the Brandis Waalweg in Niederlana take trail no. 1 (above the Museum of Fruit Cultivation) towards Foiana, along Brünnlerweg through deciduous woodland and fruit plantations past the Aicholz and Mair am Gatter farms. Starting from the center of the village of Foiana the route continues towards Badlweg (access behind Foiana Farming Museum) along the shady forest trail no. 10 to the Völlaner Badl hotel.

The route runs downhill to the Wittmer Hof farm and then continues down the slope to the Obermayrhof farm, then along trail no. 8 a to the foot of St. Hippolyt hill with wonderful views of the Narauner Weiher pond. To reach the unique viewing point and the Romanesque church we have to overcome a somewhat strenuous last few meters, as the trail is rather rugged and steep. The return journey is via trail no. 8 past the Talmühle café to Foiana. Bus route no. 214 runs approx. every hour from Foiana to Lana.

Duration: 4,50h

Lana-Völlan-St. Hippolyt

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