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Spa town, on the doorstep

Spa town, on the doorstep

This opens the doors to endless holiday prospects for visitors to South Tyrol: Our proximity to Meran is always an advantage. Second-largest town in South Tyrol, it is nestled in the mild climate of the Meran basin at the foot of the Etsch Valley. With the Texel/Tessa Mountains to shelter the area from harsh north winds, both the city and the surrounding lands rejoice in a wide array of flora, including the figs, palms and cypresses so reminiscent of southern climes. From the time-honoured Kurhaus, to the Zenoberg/Mont S. Zeno district, to Trauttmansdorff Castle with its botanic gardens and the residential villas of the Obermais/Maia Alta area, the town radiates memories of age-old history and the imperial, regal days gone by.

Visitors to the spa and the spa complex can treat themselves to the very latest in beauty treatments, while the well-stocked shops beneath the historic arcades boast a wide array of prized South Tyrolean specialities. Meran boasts a well-established culture and leisure programme including, amongst others, the Women’s Museum, a wide variety of temporary exhibitions at the contemporary museums and Trauttmansdorff Castle’s Touriseum, and major events such as Asfaltart, the international performing arts festival.

Meran is also the hub to a number of beautiful side valleys beginning with, to name one, the Passeier/Passiria Valley, homeland of South Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer and located directly on the outskirts of Meran. The rustic Schnals/Senales Valley weaves its way from the west of the town over to the Etsch Valley, while the Ulten Valley with its Hasenöhrl/Orecchia di Lepre, a 3,257m high mountain peak of the Ortler mountain range, is just a few kilometres from Meran and easily accessible from Lana. From the Muthöfen/Muta farmsteads along Meran’s High Mountain Trail to raptor flight shows in the nearby Tyrol Castle and peaceful walking trails along the Passer/Passirio River: It’s the endless variety that gives Meran its very special appeal.

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